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The story of "Concert in the Wild"

Concert in the Wild in Berlin, Westend-Charlottenburg

What we do? Open-air concerts with classical music in an intimate garden atmosphere.

Where do we do this We are giving concerts in a beautiful garden in Westend, close by

Branitzer Platz, Ebereschenallee 15. We will expand to a few more places in order to bring the music to more people and at the same time maintain the neighborhood atmosphere.

When? Our first concert in 2021 is scheduled for Sunday, April 25th at 4:00 p.m.

How did it all start?

Last year in August 2020 a group of musician friends and colleagues met for lunch in our garden. Everyone brought a little something for the buffet. We sat and enjoyed the warm weather, the sun, the fresh air and most of all, each other. The months before that had been months of isolation from the first wave of COVID lockdown. It was so nice to hang out with friends again.

One of my opera colleagues mentioned that she had planned a concert, but that it had to be canceled due to the COVID restrictions. I offered to help out. "Come here and sing! I have a digital piano that we can bring into the garden. We have more than enough space here to keep all the rules about distance and masks. We even have toilets that the audience can use during recess.

The "Concert in the Wild" was born.

Lots of people from the neighborhood came to the concert and everyone was just thrilled. Everyone commented on the beautiful setting and the wonderful quality of the music. During the break it became very clear how much they enjoyed seeing other people and experiencing a new sense of community. Your generous donations made it possible to pay the musicians a small fee for their extraordinary achievements. We realized that having regular concerts would be a great gift to the community.

In September and October we were able to give concerts again. The concerts were very well received by our audience. They were also very important to the local professional musicians who needed a place to perform in front of an audience. As the weather got colder, neighbors borrowed their braziers to warm up the audience. So one last concert could be given on October 31, 2020 before the next lockdown and then the cold winter time began. The audience sat between glowing fires and sipped warm cider and spiced wine. Nice music and wonderful company made the evening very special.

Despite the very long lockdown in 2021, we continued to plan concerts for the spring and summer months of 2021. We had planned our first concert for March 28th, but had to change the date twice. After our last rehearsal on April 1st, we decided to give the concert on April 25th anyway. Either the restrictions are lifted or we sing and play alone in the garden.

Further concerts are planned for April to October. We are grateful that we have the opportunity to share wonderful music with such a wonderful community.

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